First camping trip of the year – 15-16.05.20…

16 05 2020

Around Blefjell, Kongsberg, Norway

To escape from work, pressure, and stress, I decided to go camping again… it must have been at least 5 years since the last time, but nevertheless, air-matresses, sleeping-bag (the wrong one it turned out, I was freezing my balls off…), tent, etc got stuffed into the car on Friday… and off I drove to find a nice spot to camp… it turned out to be not that easy, either the gravel roads where blocked, or crowded with cabins, and when I had come further than I intended and planned, it was snow all over the place, so I started to descend on the other side of the mountain hoping for better luck… then suddenly I saw a small gravel road that seemed promising… but it was blocked by fallen trees… so I got out of the car, had a look and decided that it was worth the effort… I went for the axe, and cleared the road… and a little bit further on, I literally found a nice spot in the middle of nowhere…

Next day on my way home, I saw a beautiful cascade, and spent some time there to take some photographs.

Less is more… a walk in Drammen – 05.04.20

5 04 2020

In these special times, it’s nice to a have a hobby like photography that can distract you from reality and make the mind wander. My plan was to try to be creative with a 21mm wide-angle lens, but I didn’t find any use for it today, instead I used almost exclusively a 50mm and even missed a 90mm..! 😀

Part #1 – Black & white photos

Part #2 – Colour photos

The Queen of Pillows…

14 06 2019

King Winter has arrived – 07.12.18

8 12 2018

A few photographs from our daytrip to Hemsedal, the temperature varied between -12°C and -15°C


November – worst month of the year…

11 11 2018

Dark, rainy, misty, no more colours in the nature… just waiting for the frost and the snow now…. 🙂

Thankfully we still have Pifa to model for some photographs… normally she tries to escape when I want to photograph her, but this time she just kept looking at me.. 🙂

Trying to be creative with black & white, turning up the ISO, and using my 50mm Summilux fully open at f1.4…

Dovrefjell – 19-21.10.18

10 11 2018

The biggest goat in the world, the musk…

A lovely weekend in the mountains, surrounded by beautiful photographic opportunities…

Hiking in Chamonix, France – summer 2018

10 11 2018

A couple of photos from our hikes in the mountains around Chamonix.

Biking in Chamonix, France – summer 2018

17 08 2018

A couple of very good memories from the summer of 2018… biking with my Fatbike in Chamonix, France…

One day I’ll be back, in the Alpes at least… 😀

Pifa on the coach…

17 08 2018

Some pictures of Pifa… the main idea was to test a couples of lenses… I wanted to test if one needed a trip to Wetzlar (the Leica headquarter…), and I really hope not because, apart from the outragous cost of a calibration, they also use between 8-10 weeks to do it…

All pictures taken with a Leica M9-P, a 50mm Summilux, a 90mm Elmarit and a 90mm Summicron… the latter will unfortunately collect dust until a decision has been made to send it on vacation… 😦

Some random photos around my neighbourhood… – 19.01.18

19 01 2018

Statistics say we haven’t had this much snow since 2010, but frankly I can’t recall so much snow ever here… normally a joyful experience, and I love the snow, the more the better, but I have been having a nasty flu for a couple of weeks and having to move away the snow haven’t made me enjoy it as much as I wish… well, hopefully, I will soon be back to normal, and can hope for even more snow..! 😀