I have two girls in my life…

29 11 2013

…one of them are often featured here, it’s our beloved dog Pifa, but my two-legged soul-mate and woman-in-my-life wife has seldom appeared here (and most likely will take some time again, it was difficult enough to get permission this time.. thank u darling..! 😀 )

I am quite satisfied with this portrait, taken late in the night, after a few glasses of red-wine, 1/30s with a 90mm…

Well, it’s not my sharpest image, but I quite like it… a lot… 😀


Read on a newsgroup…

23 11 2013

“I almost never create images but I always have a heck of a lot of fun taking pictures”

Make sense to me… 😀

The winter is finally here! – 22-24.11.13

23 11 2013

Work hasn’t let me take photos lately…  I have either been to tired, travelling or working late evenings with projects for clients… so it is very refreshing to see nice sunsets, frosty mornings and being out in daylight. Today I brought my camera with me when walking Pifa, and with a few exceptions (which were 50mm), all photos taken with my 90mm Summicron. Believe it or not, but all photos are jpegs straight out of the camera. (Of course I shot RAW also, but the large jpegs straight out of camera were so good that I didn’t bother with converting the RAW files… not for web at least..)

Happy week-end to all of ya’..! 🙂

The Dark side of Drammen – 03.11.13

3 11 2013

We have very little day-light now, it is almost dark when we arrive back home from work, so it is important to take advantage of the week-ends… Some random November photos from Drammen… Only Leica M8.2 + 24mm + 50mm… a mix of B&W and colour photos… the ones I thought would look good in M&W turned out better in colour and vice versa… oh well, that’s the beauty of RAW/DNG files… 🙂