Serious GAS Attack…!

14 06 2015

Serious GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) attack!

Sony has released a MONSTER camera, and like the former A7, A7R, A7II, it is of course compatible with Leica M lenses with an adapter…:

  • 42 MP Full-Frame Exmor R BSI CMOS Sensor
  • Internal UHD 4K Video & S-Log2 Gamma
  • 5-Axis SteadyShot INSIDE Stabilization with ALL lenses
  • Built-In Wi-Fi Connectivity with NFC

How to find the funds for this beauty… hmmm… ;-P

Tøcksfors, Sweden – 05.-07.06.15

7 06 2015

Finally..! I have been longing for years to visit one of these old car cemeteries in Sweden to do some artsy photography, and now I finally got my chance! 🙂

Just a couple of kilometers after crossing the Norwegian – Swedish border, you take of the main road, and continue about 20 km south on a gravel road that gets narrower and narrower and narrower, and then suddenly you are surrounded with old car wrecks… from the 40s, 50s and 60s… about 1000 old cars… some of them have almost been returned to mother earth…

It is an eerie stillness in the woods… walking around alone in this vast area… no cell phone signal… and this strange smell… and to add to the mystery, the owner has hung up this sign on the main building:

“This car cemetery is private property. You may still look, take pictures but DO NOT take away parts. Do not destroy or in any other way disrupt this place. If you open a car door, please shut it again so the next visitor get the same experience as you did!! For info: after about 30 burglarys this year I’m fed up with it! I’ve made traps in the buildings so if you get hurt or die, I DON’T CARE! Remember in this place no one can hear you scream…”

I walked around more than 3 hours, and I still haven’t covered some areas… I flatted 2 batteries, and took over 400 pictures with my Leicas. I brought with me a 15mm, 18mm, 24mm, 50mm and a 90mm lens, but I had the most fun with the 18mm and 24mm.

It was really an extraordinary experience…


T19 sunset – 10.02.15

11 02 2015

The last evenings have displayed some beautiful sunsets, so I thought I should share some of my pictures of them. All of them are JPEGs straight out of camera, no editing whatsoever apart from resizing and framing.

Leica M8(.2) + 50 Lux + 90 Cron

New travelmate! :-)

25 06 2014

Well, a couple of days ago, I fulfilled a dream born when I was a student… I naturally didn’t have enough money at that time, but the dream never died… it went to sleep when the digital era started, I haven’t shot a roll of film in at least 15 years I believe, but lately the nostalgia has bitten me… don’t know why, don’t know how, don’t really care… 😀

As a student I had a brochure of a Leica M6, it is well-read and studied, and I was really fascinated about everything except the price… ;-P

A couple of days ago, I came across a used one for a price I could live with, the owner I bought it from had bought it from a famous British document- and war-photographer, Marcus Bleasdale (, so I believe this camera has seen it’s fare share of misery (judging by his photos..)… among other places, it has been used a lot to document the conflicts in Congo and Africa…

First Black&White roll is almost at the end of the road, I am excited to get it processed and see the results… 🙂

Let’s just hope the bug isn’t biting harder… evolving from a user to a collector sounds expensive… ;-P

Bad weather coming in… – 13.03.14

13 03 2014

Took a couple of photos on the way to work today… a very nice mixture of light, fog, light-rays and shadows…

Used my newly bought 15mm f4.5 Voigtlander SuperWide Heliar ASPHII for the sea photo and my Elmarit 24mm for the trail photo. The sun-through-the-tree was taken with my 75mm f1.8 Voigtländer Heliar Classic lens.

Semsvannet – 11.01.14

12 01 2014

At this time of the year, it is very little daylight, so in the week-ends we have to take advantage of some days of from work, and exit on some daytrips… today we decided to visit Semsvannet again, the winter is finally coming, the water is freezing up, and that arises some nice photographic opportunities.. 🙂

All images taken with M8.2, 24mm and the new 75mm Voigtlander.. 🙂

2014… a New Year and new (photographic-) opportunities…

12 01 2014

I ended the last year selling a couple of lenses that unfortunately didn’t see as much daylight as they deserved, so what better way to start a new year with buying a new lens..! 😀

I already have a Leica 90mm Summicron in chrome, and I dearly love it, beautifully both in appearence, feeling and image-making, but it makes me nervous… it is easily spottet, catches unwanted attention… and… I really don’t want to loose it when I’m travelling…

So… I decided to purchase the King of Bokeh… my first none Leica lens in M-mount… the Voigtländer 75mm f/1.8 Heliar Classic

1/3 of the price of a 90mm Summicron (none ASPH..!), and probably 1/20th of the price of a Leica 75mm Summilux…

Here are a few quick test and samples of the beautiful bokeh of this lens, it is already starting to become a favourite!

The winter is finally here! – 22-24.11.13

23 11 2013

Work hasn’t let me take photos lately…  I have either been to tired, travelling or working late evenings with projects for clients… so it is very refreshing to see nice sunsets, frosty mornings and being out in daylight. Today I brought my camera with me when walking Pifa, and with a few exceptions (which were 50mm), all photos taken with my 90mm Summicron. Believe it or not, but all photos are jpegs straight out of the camera. (Of course I shot RAW also, but the large jpegs straight out of camera were so good that I didn’t bother with converting the RAW files… not for web at least..)

Happy week-end to all of ya’..! 🙂

The Dark side of Drammen – 03.11.13

3 11 2013

We have very little day-light now, it is almost dark when we arrive back home from work, so it is important to take advantage of the week-ends… Some random November photos from Drammen… Only Leica M8.2 + 24mm + 50mm… a mix of B&W and colour photos… the ones I thought would look good in M&W turned out better in colour and vice versa… oh well, that’s the beauty of RAW/DNG files… 🙂

Helsinki – 25-27.10.13

27 10 2013

We decided to take a small week-end break to visit Finland… One of the few nordic countries we’ve never been to so why not.. 🙂

I hoped for many photographic opportunities, but travelling in oct-nov in nordic countries is a gamble weather-wise, and yes,… we’ve got rain… lot of it… so… not a lot of photos, but I enjoyed the trip, and furthermore I enjoyed travelling light… just my M8.2, 24, 50 and 90… great..! 🙂