The Queen of Pillows…

14 06 2019

November – worst month of the year…

11 11 2018

Dark, rainy, misty, no more colours in the nature… just waiting for the frost and the snow now…. 🙂

Thankfully we still have Pifa to model for some photographs… normally she tries to escape when I want to photograph her, but this time she just kept looking at me.. 🙂

Trying to be creative with black & white, turning up the ISO, and using my 50mm Summilux fully open at f1.4…

Pifa on the coach…

17 08 2018

Some pictures of Pifa… the main idea was to test a couples of lenses… I wanted to test if one needed a trip to Wetzlar (the Leica headquarter…), and I really hope not because, apart from the outragous cost of a calibration, they also use between 8-10 weeks to do it…

All pictures taken with a Leica M9-P, a 50mm Summilux, a 90mm Elmarit and a 90mm Summicron… the latter will unfortunately collect dust until a decision has been made to send it on vacation… 😦

Worst time of the year…

6 11 2015

…it’s dark, moisty, rainy, wet, foggy, damp, soggy, dewy… almost all the time, so from a photographic point of view (and many others..), it is not my favourite month…

However, I need to take pictures, so therefore it is cliché time, my dog and sunsets! 😀

Welcome to my psychedelic world… – 27.12.14

27 12 2014

Walking my dog today…:


A couple of pics of Pifa…

9 05 2014

…while looking and hunting for more wild animals… 🙂

Some photos of Pifa… – 09-11.02.14

11 02 2014

Not really a lot of stuff to photograph here in the winter, it’s dark when you leave for work, and it’s dark when you return… so, since I’m itching to take photos, Pifa is my best option.. 😀

Salt ‘n Pepper…

12 07 2013

Wifey and me have been helping some friends of ours to watch their dog while on vacation, the breed is “Dwarf Poodle” I think ( ), and from a photographic viewpoint, a great challenge. It is black, really black… Well, here are some photos of them… 🙂

The first day my wife started to call them Salt and Pepper… I found that rather amusing.. 🙂

Thank God it’s Friday..! – 28.06.13

28 06 2013

Pifa looking cute…

30 05 2013

…actually she is ill, we’re doing our best to fix her, but instead of posting a picture of her in that condition, I thought this is better… this is how we normally enjoy her company every day… 🙂