The National Day – Norwegian Constitution Day – 17th of May

18 05 2014

We were celebrating the National Day of Norway in Oslo together with my brother and his better half, and as a nice bonus, it was the 200 years anniversary since our constitution were formed in 1814.

Here are some picture to show the massive amount of people attending the show:

Better late than never…

18 05 2014

Things take time nowadays, and I have a big backlog on my photos, so therefore these photos from Mexico City in the Easter are posted now… 🙂   Better late than never… 🙂

A couple of pics of Pifa…

9 05 2014

…while looking and hunting for more wild animals… 🙂

Restructuring my project…

1 05 2014

Well, my last post was about my new project, to see how long time it would take me to photograph 100 different wild animals,  but I found out that I can not make one and one post, it will be very difficult for everybody to keep track… so I moved the project to a new page, then everything related to the project will be in the same place:


Stay tuned for more wild animals..! 😀