How ironic…

18 02 2012

I have been out the whole day to take photos… but the best (read: only) photos today is of Pifa… She has been visiting some friends and is totally exhausted (yeah..!) 🙂

Sunrise over Holmestrand…

15 02 2012

Took a small pit-stop on my way to work today to try to catch some of the magnificent light this morning

Long day out in the cold…

12 02 2012

Finally warm again..! 😀

Sunset from my balcony today… :)

10 02 2012

Some more winter images…

10 02 2012

Bright colours may still appear in the winter.. 🙂

Trying out f/1.2 DoF..

10 02 2012

Trying out my new Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L… looks promising…

The DoF (Depth of Field..) is really shallow at f/1.2 (aperture 1.2)

Abstract art.. some froozen ponds outside my worksite

8 02 2012

Some winter images from Asdøljuvet, Norway

6 02 2012

Not the best conditions, but tried anyway to catch some feeling of winter…

Ongoing project – video rail for DSLR filming

6 02 2012

Made some feet for my IGUS rail. Now the rail can be stand-alone on the floor or a table without a tripod.

A little wide-angle fun.. :-)

6 02 2012