First camping trip of the year – 15-16.05.20…

16 05 2020

Around Blefjell, Kongsberg, Norway

To escape from work, pressure, and stress, I decided to go camping again… it must have been at least 5 years since the last time, but nevertheless, air-matresses, sleeping-bag (the wrong one it turned out, I was freezing my balls off…), tent, etc got stuffed into the car on Friday… and off I drove to find a nice spot to camp… it turned out to be not that easy, either the gravel roads where blocked, or crowded with cabins, and when I had come further than I intended and planned, it was snow all over the place, so I started to descend on the other side of the mountain hoping for better luck… then suddenly I saw a small gravel road that seemed promising… but it was blocked by fallen trees… so I got out of the car, had a look and decided that it was worth the effort… I went for the axe, and cleared the road… and a little bit further on, I literally found a nice spot in the middle of nowhere…

Next day on my way home, I saw a beautiful cascade, and spent some time there to take some photographs.

King Winter has arrived – 07.12.18

8 12 2018

A few photographs from our daytrip to Hemsedal, the temperature varied between -12°C and -15°C


Dovrefjell – 19-21.10.18

10 11 2018

The biggest goat in the world, the musk…

A lovely weekend in the mountains, surrounded by beautiful photographic opportunities…

Hiking in Chamonix, France – summer 2018

10 11 2018

A couple of photos from our hikes in the mountains around Chamonix.

Biking in Chamonix, France – summer 2018

17 08 2018

A couple of very good memories from the summer of 2018… biking with my Fatbike in Chamonix, France…

One day I’ll be back, in the Alpes at least… 😀

Easter holiday – 07.-12.04.2017

29 09 2017

This is… even for me… an impressive late upload… varies troubles with work, our dog, lack of interest, missing motivation, full harddrives, couldn’t find cables, new Adobe PS, had to make new Actions again… whatever reason to procrastinate has been valid…

Well, here we’re leaving the port of Oslo… As this is mainly a photo-blog, I think it is appropriate to mention my equipment for this trip, I used my Leica M8.2 (10mpx) with a 28mm Elmarit-M f2.8 ASPH, a 35mm Summicron-M f2 ASPH, and a 50mm Summilux f1.4 from 1972.


Arriving in Kiel, we headed south-west for Liege, in Belgium. We stayed in a renovated castle, my better half played golf, and I went biking, hence the (few.. busy biking..) city pictures.

Then we left for Leer, a small town in Germany, on the border to the Netherlands… walking down the memory lane…

From the boat trip back home, here are some pictures from the Storebælt Bridge, a 18km (!) long bridge, connecting Denmark and Sweden.

Peru and Machu Picchu – summer 2016

31 12 2016


Peru and Machu Picchu – summer 2016

31 12 2016

Machu Picchu… finally… we have been dreaming about visiting this iconic place for years!

Peru and Machu Picchu – summer 2016

31 12 2016

Aguas Calientes

Peru and Machu Picchu – summer 2016

31 12 2016