Finally good “seeing” – 20.04.13

20 04 2013

Image taken from my balcony. The moon looked very promising by my naked eye, and my hope were rising when looking through the viewfinder.

No tracking, just tripod, 500mm + 2x + 1DIV.


The moon – 23.01.13

23 01 2013

Finally the night sky cleared… some -15 degrees C, and good “seeing”… well worth a try to haul the equipment out…

Sunset – 24.05.12

20 06 2012

The moon – 27.05.12

1 06 2012

What looked like good “seeing” had to be checked out… quite satisfied with the result… 😀

Hello world! First post! :-)

6 02 2012

One of my big interest and facination in life is the Space, and I would like to take great images of what can be seen in the sky.

That, on the other hand, proves not to be easy.

So far, the moon has been the object for my humble tries.