Having fun with IR photography…

26 11 2017

Well, I have always been intrigued by IR photography, taking photos of something that is not visible with the human eye, but I have always stumbled into trouble, first of all focus… I bought a cheap filter 950nm (nanometer wavelength) IR filter on eBay, which might not be the brightest idea, and tried it on a Leica 24mm Elmarit-M and a 90mm Summicron-M, and they all were soft… very soft… and very pink/violet… well, years passed by, and a week ago I bought an original Leica IR filter (possible 720-750nm, they never inform..) for my 50mm Summilux from 1972, set the white-balance manually with the IR filter mounted, and voila..! These photos looks a lot more like I imagined they would…! 😀

But this got me thinking… what really is correct colours of something that we can’t see anyway..?

Pink tint, violet tint, cyan tint..?

(Ahh… forgot to mention… I am using the Leica M8.2 which is oversensitive to IR radiation due to the lack of IR filter in front of its sensor…)

Anyway, I like the way these photos look surrealistic, please comment if you have any thought about the subject!

Forever Young… turning 50…

19 11 2017

The better half of my brother turning 50, and throwing a forever-young-party..!

What a great idea, and what an example to follow..!

As this of course is a (mainly..) blog about photograpy, some nerdy stuff is mandatory… All photos presented are taken with a Leica M9-P and a 35mm Summicron ASPH, and.. ok.. flame-suit on… there is something about that LCD sensor… only Leica M8 and Leica M9 have LCD sensors…
I have to admit, GAS has struck, and I’m longing for the new Leica M10 released in january 2017 (with a CMOS sensor…)
GAS, aka, Gear Acquisition Syndrome, (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gear_Acquisition_Syndrome)
“Bank balances have been battered and marriages destroyed, but by god there’s been some lovely gear bought.”
LCD sensors is known to produce some film-like, Kodachrome-like colours that no CMOS sensors have ever been able to replicate… CMOS sensors are, in a way, making more digital, plasticy pictures, less natural, and we all love that old film look, right..? ;-P

What y’all think..? Is the diffence visible..? so… what to do…? Stay true to old technology or move on with new “and better”..? 😀

Thanx for all Pernilla and Terje..! Have a lovely trip and Christmas, may we all meet again soon!