Home alone – 19.-21.09.14

20 09 2014

Home alone and time to spare… felt a little creative with these rock formations… I like the abstract patterns…

Semsvannet – 11.01.14

12 01 2014

At this time of the year, it is very little daylight, so in the week-ends we have to take advantage of some days of from work, and exit on some daytrips… today we decided to visit Semsvannet again, the winter is finally coming, the water is freezing up, and that arises some nice photographic opportunities.. 🙂

All images taken with M8.2, 24mm and the new 75mm Voigtlander.. 🙂

My worst camping trip… ever…

9 09 2013

This weekend we just have left behind us (06-07.09.13), I decided to leave for a nice mountain-trip on my own… wifey was off to London, and I was keen to add another 2000 meter mountain to my list… Rasletinden @ 2105 meter was selected.. one of the easiest mountains in Norway above 2000 meter above sea level to summit, peace of cake I thought…

Well, arriving at the thought-out, selected camp-site, it started to rain, and I thought, well, let me just get up the outer-tent, and everything will be more cosy inside, taking care of the inner-tent in a dry, more relaxed atmosphere… then came the wind… lot’s of it… I had to tie down the tent while mounting it to avoid losing it… finishing of everything inside, including the first beer, I had to go outside to.. ehh.. well the beer wanted to leave, and then the fog had arrived…

I will leave some additional comments below the pictures, and possible you will agree with me that this was not optimal conditions for a nice mountain-trip… 😉

Infrared (IR) photos – 16.06.13

17 06 2013

Apart from the economical side of buying M8 instead of M9 etc, the M8 and M8.2 has another big advantage. It has a very reduced IR filter in front of the sensor. This means that the M8 is very suitable for taking IR-photos.

So a couple of days ago, the IR filter I purchased very cheap on ebay finally arrived, and I have been playing with it the whole week-end. It is very interesting to think of that none of what are seen in these pictures are visible with the naked eye..! 🙂

The filter which I bought is completely dark, looking through it with your naked eye you can’t see anything, it is blocking all visible light up to 950nm.

Knutehytta (Kongsberg) – 02.06.13

3 06 2013

A very foggy and peaceful morning in Son – 09.05.13

9 05 2013

Asdøljuvet – 18.08.12

18 08 2012

Romsdalen – 16.-20.05.12

26 05 2012

On the road to work… grey and dull day… :-(

25 04 2012

Stopped in Holmestrand to try out the 5D II and the 14L on wide open seascapes

Semsvannet today…

4 03 2012

…a grey and dull day… converted the photo to Black&White just as well.. 🙂