A very interesting way to see it…

31 05 2013

“When you photograph people in colour you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in B&W, you photograph their souls.” – Ted Grant

Pifa looking cute…

30 05 2013

…actually she is ill, we’re doing our best to fix her, but instead of posting a picture of her in that condition, I thought this is better… this is how we normally enjoy her company every day… 🙂


In two days…

26 05 2013

…the weather has gone from “freezing” (according to my wife…) to “too hot” for Pifa… she was waiting constantly by the door… wanting to get out… and she laid down on the concrete floor in the garage to cool down… 🙂

The flooding of Drammen River – 24.05.13

24 05 2013

Pifa – plugged-in..! :-)

24 05 2013


Pifa… waiting by the door… for her daily walk… 😀

(Yes.. she’s been to the doctor… taking some blood-samples… 🙂 )

Uppsala (Sweden) – 17.-20.05.13

20 05 2013

Mostly snap-shots, cityscapes, and capturing moments and memories when visiting my brother and his better half… 🙂

Old clunker in town..!

16 05 2013

I picked up an old Leitz Wetzlar 90mm Elmar-C f4 on the postoffice today… it was a bit more worn than I anticipated, but what to expect for 1.800 NOK…

Well, despite some play in the focus ring, the lens seems to be pretty sharp..! 🙂

(This sunset taken with it this afternoon may not be an example of the sharpness, but I liked it nevertheless…)


Spring is here… random photos from home…

12 05 2013

Some photos from todays trip with Pifa, some outside, some from the balcony…

All photos, except one, are taken with my Canon equipment.. it needed some air… started to get jealous… ;-P

Can you guess which one is taken with the Leica? 🙂

(yes yes… I know… the info in the pictures are telling… 🙂 )

Saturday evening… home alone…

11 05 2013

A couple of beers and a nice Tequila… looking through some old dusty boxes and found my grandfathers old camera… I really don’t know much about it, it’s an Agfa Billy Record, and it uses 120 roll film for 6x9cm frames… It is surely not worth much, in money, but I think it is a cool old object… it is most probably made between 1933 and 1942…  it’s not going back in the box… I’ll put it on display in a drawer… (at least until my wife comes home…) 🙂


While at it, here is a “family shot”, my grandpa’s camera together with my fathers old Leica M3 and my newly acquired Leica M8.2:


(Both pictures taken with Canon 5DII and EF 50mm f1.2@8)

A very foggy and peaceful morning in Son – 09.05.13

9 05 2013