Aluminium milling with a Router for woodworking..?

6 04 2012

Finally Easter Holiday and time to spare for a long awaited project… can one mill aluminium with a normal router meant for wood-working..?

Lately I have acquired both a 1DsII and a 1DIII second-hand, but I don’t have any Arca-Swiss brackets for them.
So, thinking it over, I did have a Really Right Stuff (RRS) BGE2-L bracket for my 20D that I don’t use anymore laying around, and carefully measuring and re-thinking I decided that if I chopped it in half, milled of a little bit, and made a groove, it would make a perfect companion for both my new 1D’s… 🙂  So far so good… done with the brain stuff… 🙂

Well, I never quite have had the balls to try out milling in aluminium yet, nevertheless destroy a perfectly good sellable RRS L-bracket, but after a nice (or maybe two..?) Single Malts, I finally found the balls… ehh… the courage… and down in the workshop we went… (With we, I mean me and the bracket, not me and the Single Malt bottle… oh well… 🙂 )

I guess the pictures speak for themself, the milling are done freehand, so a little rough around the edges it is, but it is very flush and overall, I am very pleased with the result. It fits absolutely perfect on both cameras! 🙂
(As you can see, the bolt position on 1DsII and 1DIII are quite different…)

Why nobody really makes these brackets with a groove slot is beyond my understanding… then it would fit more different cameras… but on the other hand they would maybe sell less specialized brackets….

Ongoing project – video rail for DSLR filming

6 02 2012

Made some feet for my IGUS rail. Now the rail can be stand-alone on the floor or a table without a tripod.