Dublin, Ireland – 14.-16.11.14

19 11 2014

Long time, no blog… well, it hasn’t exactly happened a lot worthy blogging, but last weekend, I went on a short (too short..) trip to Dublin, capital of Ireland. Wifey left for Poland with her girl-friends, and I thought to myself, why stay home alone instead of fulfilling a long time dream of mine, Ireland with singe-malt Whiskey, dark beer, folk-music and street photography…

It turned out that I barely achieved any one of those goals, but don’t misinterpret this to think I feel that the trip was a failure… everything most probably happens for a reason, but it turned out that this exact weekend it was a national game in soccer between Ireland and Scotland… well, go figure, the city center was loaded with people, no tables to sit down after 3pm, no room to move for a guy with a rucksack full of camera equipment, and all bars and pubs too full to wake my interest to go in after 7pm… adding to list, this is late November, sun is setting at 4pm with good weather, and my old Leica M8(.2) doesn’t appreciate me to turn up the ISO… sounds like a disaster, considering my initial goals, but to sum it all up, it was really a quite pleasant weekend… had some time alone, did some cleaning in my brain, and of course did achieve to take some pictures, I hope they will exhibit some of the atmosphere I enjoyed after all: