Dovrefjell – 19-21.10.18

10 11 2018

The biggest goat in the world, the musk…

A lovely weekend in the mountains, surrounded by beautiful photographic opportunities…

Welcome to my psychedelic world… – 27.12.14

27 12 2014

Walking my dog today…:


Bambi takes Movember to a whole new level… – 08.12.14

9 12 2014

I took these photos from a window in my office building… I really can’t recall having seen this “moustache” on Bambi’s before, but after a Google search it seems to be the most plausible option… maybe it is part of their winter colorization, I have to research more… 🙂

Restructuring my project…

1 05 2014

Well, my last post was about my new project, to see how long time it would take me to photograph 100 different wild animals,  but I found out that I can not make one and one post, it will be very difficult for everybody to keep track… so I moved the project to a new page, then everything related to the project will be in the same place:


Stay tuned for more wild animals..! 😀

Squirrel getting airborne… – 05.04.13

5 04 2013

The spring is here, or on it’s way at least… still snow here and some minus degrees in the mornings, but the sun is getting higher and higher now, so the winter is doomed now…

Coming home from work and taking out Pifa… :-)

8 02 2013

Roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) – 16.12.12

16 12 2012

Finally a chance to look for some wildlife around home… the whole autumn we have been too busy building our new garage, but the last days it has been snowing a lot, and I really wanted to get some fresh air. I decided to walk up to the point where I saw roe deers the last time… that time they jumped right out in from of me, I wasn’t prepared at all, I had a 500mm lens mounted to my camera, and I had a snowball’s chance in hell to react. And of course that lens is not really a suitable lens for action 10 meters in front of me… ;-P

This time however, I mounted a 24-70mm to my 1DIV, and I tried to stay as alert as possible. Finally I saw a white butt, and proceeded as quietly as I could…

Later my two girls, Monica and Pifa joined me and we had a lot of fun in the snow… 🙂

Nice encounter on the way to work – 25.09.12

25 09 2012

A few kilometers from home, I saw this moose passing over the fields… I stopped, and went carefully out of my car to pick up my camera…

He just looked at me, and didn’t care… 🙂

Common frog (Rana temporaria) (Buttsnutefrosk in Norwegian) – 22.08.12

23 08 2012

Took pictures of this little fellow yesterday, in my driveway..! Enough rain now.. 😦

( )


Squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) – 24.06.12

24 06 2012

Taken handheld @ISO2500 with 500/f4… at my balcony… 🙂