Salt ‘n Pepper…

12 07 2013

Wifey and me have been helping some friends of ours to watch their dog while on vacation, the breed is “Dwarf Poodle” I think ( ), and from a photographic viewpoint, a great challenge. It is black, really black… Well, here are some photos of them… 🙂

The first day my wife started to call them Salt and Pepper… I found that rather amusing.. 🙂

T19 bids farewell…

10 07 2013

A nice sunset before departure mañana..!

Take care and have a nice summer! 🙂


A real-life illustration of two 50mm lenses…

5 07 2013

It seems like my very mint Summarit (right) has to go after having picked up this old Summilux from 1972… 🙂


Both lenses shown @ max aperture… the Summilux @ f1.4 and the Summarit @ f2.5

Before I got it I thought I would have to keep both… one for minimal size, and the other for maximum light-sucking… to my surprise the size and weight differences between the two are very (well, not very..) minimal… 🙂

QI (Quite Interesting)

5 07 2013

Quite an interesting read:


Advertisement for the Leica M4 introduced in 1966. One of the best-selling Leica M cameras (along Leica M6 and Leica M9).