Looking for elk…

26 04 2012

…but the only living soul I could photograph was Pifa… 🙂

On the road to work… grey and dull day… :-(

25 04 2012

Stopped in Holmestrand to try out the 5D II and the 14L on wide open seascapes

It’s raining..! :-(

22 04 2012

In fact, for the first time since they started to record the weather in Norway, April month (in average..) will actually be COLDER than March month…

Well, the temperature doesn’t bother me, but I don’t like rain!

Soooo… today’s photos are of Pifa… 🙂

(All B&W photos are taken with the EF 14 f2.8L with a homemade red filter attached and B&W PictureStyle in the 5DII… ISO 6400-25600..! geek stuff… I know… but after all it’s my blog and it’s all about Photography… 😀 )

Elk – 11.04.2012

16 04 2012

A short walk (5 min) behind our house… 🙂

Pifa and The Photographer…

7 04 2012

The sky is dark.. because I miss my love…

7 04 2012

…well… sitting on my balcony… catching some springtime afternoon sun… I rushed in to mount a 5DmkII and a 50mm f1.2 and added a Polarizer and a R60 Nikkor red filter to the mix.. and voila..! 🙂

Aluminium milling with a Router for woodworking..?

6 04 2012

Finally Easter Holiday and time to spare for a long awaited project… can one mill aluminium with a normal router meant for wood-working..?

Lately I have acquired both a 1DsII and a 1DIII second-hand, but I don’t have any Arca-Swiss brackets for them.
So, thinking it over, I did have a Really Right Stuff (RRS) BGE2-L bracket for my 20D that I don’t use anymore laying around, and carefully measuring and re-thinking I decided that if I chopped it in half, milled of a little bit, and made a groove, it would make a perfect companion for both my new 1D’s… 🙂  So far so good… done with the brain stuff… 🙂

Well, I never quite have had the balls to try out milling in aluminium yet, nevertheless destroy a perfectly good sellable RRS L-bracket, but after a nice (or maybe two..?) Single Malts, I finally found the balls… ehh… the courage… and down in the workshop we went… (With we, I mean me and the bracket, not me and the Single Malt bottle… oh well… 🙂 )

I guess the pictures speak for themself, the milling are done freehand, so a little rough around the edges it is, but it is very flush and overall, I am very pleased with the result. It fits absolutely perfect on both cameras! 🙂
(As you can see, the bolt position on 1DsII and 1DIII are quite different…)

Why nobody really makes these brackets with a groove slot is beyond my understanding… then it would fit more different cameras… but on the other hand they would maybe sell less specialized brackets….

Goose migration… spring is here!

5 04 2012

Before I could see them, I could hear them… pictures taken from balcony at T19 (HQ)

USA 22.-30.03.12 (Grand Canyon)

3 04 2012

USA 22.-30.03.12 (New York)

3 04 2012