Playing around with my new Leica on my afternoon walk with Pifa…

7 05 2013

…it’s so light… so different… so manual… no autofocus.. no bells… no whistles… no programs (aperture and manual mode only…)… no looking “through the lens” (TTL)… you really don’t know exactly what you will get… rangefinders are truly different… and amusing… and you have to stop… and think… and frame the picture… not just blast away and later pick the best one…

Although I knew all this, from a technical viewpoint, it is still… ehh.. better in a way than I thought…

I can’t explain it… and I guess that is the point… the old adage may be valid after all: seeing is believing… 🙂

This is as extreme as it gets…

4 05 2013

Elcan 90mm f1

This remarkable Elcan 90mm f/1 lens was one of 10 made for the US Navy. It sold for 228,000 EUR (A$293,402) including the camera (military version KE-7A) and a special extension tube.

I sincerly believe that I will be travelling to Pluto before I get a chance to put one of these onto my newly acquired M8.2… 😀

Here is a couple of links to other “special” lenses and equipment:

New spooky chapter in my life…

1 05 2013

Today… I finally bought myself a mint used Leica M8.2…  (thank you Stina!) 🙂  …that may well be one of my biggest (read: economical..) mistakes in my life… earlier on I exchanged my EF 24-70/f2.8L for a Leica Summarit M 50mm/2.5 and wondered… what the hell am I doing? as a dedicated Canon user… well… today, I started the quest to find out….

To do a final honour to my Dad, who passed away a couple of years ago, the first picture I will post from this new Leica chapter in my life has been taken with his Super Angulon 21mm/f4:


Being used to Canon’s wonderful autofocus, always surprised by Pifa’s tremendous speed and agility, and trying to cope with manual focus/aperture/shutter speed, no wonder why this picture looks like this…! 😀

Hopefully the sharpness and (lack of..) bluriness will improve soon… 🙂