Infrared (IR) photos – 16.06.13

17 06 2013

Apart from the economical side of buying M8 instead of M9 etc, the M8 and M8.2 has another big advantage. It has a very reduced IR filter in front of the sensor. This means that the M8 is very suitable for taking IR-photos.

So a couple of days ago, the IR filter I purchased very cheap on ebay finally arrived, and I have been playing with it the whole week-end. It is very interesting to think of that none of what are seen in these pictures are visible with the naked eye..! 🙂

The filter which I bought is completely dark, looking through it with your naked eye you can’t see anything, it is blocking all visible light up to 950nm.



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18 06 2013
That Street Guy

I love infra red images, the ghostly feel they give is amazing. Some great shots here!

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