My worst camping trip… ever…

9 09 2013

This weekend we just have left behind us (06-07.09.13), I decided to leave for a nice mountain-trip on my own… wifey was off to London, and I was keen to add another 2000 meter mountain to my list… Rasletinden @ 2105 meter was selected.. one of the easiest mountains in Norway above 2000 meter above sea level to summit, peace of cake I thought…

Well, arriving at the thought-out, selected camp-site, it started to rain, and I thought, well, let me just get up the outer-tent, and everything will be more cosy inside, taking care of the inner-tent in a dry, more relaxed atmosphere… then came the wind… lot’s of it… I had to tie down the tent while mounting it to avoid losing it… finishing of everything inside, including the first beer, I had to go outside to.. ehh.. well the beer wanted to leave, and then the fog had arrived…

I will leave some additional comments below the pictures, and possible you will agree with me that this was not optimal conditions for a nice mountain-trip… 😉



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