Verbier, Switzerland – 21.02-28.02.15

10 03 2015

Finally..! The highlight of the year! The annual skiing vacation, and this year Verbier in Switzerland was chosen. After a troublesome travel (13.5 hours from door to door), arriving very late (midnight), no dinner, no food, no shops open, obviously no breakfast the next day (we had rented an apartment), so everything got a little bit delayed, but despite of this and a couple of days with very dense fog, we had a wonderful vacation, and I have already started to plan the next…! 😀

Two galleries coming up, in the first (this), all pictures are taken with a Canon EOS 5D mkII and a EF 28-300 (and nearly all..) with a polarizing filter (hence the polarized and saturated colores…), and in the second gallery all images are taken with my new compact camera, the Hasselblad Stellar Special Edition (it’s really a pimped up version of the Sony RX100, but it is really capturing some fantastic pictures..!)

And for the first time in my life, I skied a couple of days without my rucksack, with only the Hassy in the pocket… and it was a very deliberating feeling..!



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