Svalbard – 01.-05.04.15

11 04 2015

Polar bears…

Well, first of all, we got to see polar bears this time! 😀

I had in fact given up my hopes this time too, we were heading back home, and our guide told us to halt because he wanted to advance a little bit to check if the ice was safe to drive on, and returning he told us that he had seen not one, but two polar bears “around the corner”, not visible from where we were… so long story short, he instructed us what he wanted us to do, to drive slowly and as quiet as possible, and how to park in formation facing away from the polar bears, in case we would have to leave in a hurry… ;-P

We were around 300 meters away, but still we would be in trouble because they can run at 30 km/h if hunting down a snack, so better safe than sorry… 😀



2 responses

11 04 2015
Roger Evensen

Endelig kom bildene 😀
Utrolig stilige bilder, svært sjelden mulighet vi fikk oppleve!
Mvh Roger som også var med på turen.

21 04 2015

Hi Rune,

I’ve now spent an hour at the airport going through your recent entries, these pictures are fabulous – and not just the ones from Svalbard! I’m so happy that you got your bears this time, and you’ve really captured how special and wonderful these creatures are, hopefully we’ll find you some more next time when you come with me to Pyramiden 😉

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