Tøcksfors, Sweden – 05.-07.06.15

7 06 2015

Finally..! I have been longing for years to visit one of these old car cemeteries in Sweden to do some artsy photography, and now I finally got my chance! 🙂

Just a couple of kilometers after crossing the Norwegian – Swedish border, you take of the main road, and continue about 20 km south on a gravel road that gets narrower and narrower and narrower, and then suddenly you are surrounded with old car wrecks… from the 40s, 50s and 60s… about 1000 old cars… some of them have almost been returned to mother earth…

It is an eerie stillness in the woods… walking around alone in this vast area… no cell phone signal… and this strange smell… and to add to the mystery, the owner has hung up this sign on the main building:

“This car cemetery is private property. You may still look, take pictures but DO NOT take away parts. Do not destroy or in any other way disrupt this place. If you open a car door, please shut it again so the next visitor get the same experience as you did!! For info: after about 30 burglarys this year I’m fed up with it! I’ve made traps in the buildings so if you get hurt or die, I DON’T CARE! Remember in this place no one can hear you scream…”

I walked around more than 3 hours, and I still haven’t covered some areas… I flatted 2 batteries, and took over 400 pictures with my Leicas. I brought with me a 15mm, 18mm, 24mm, 50mm and a 90mm lens, but I had the most fun with the 18mm and 24mm.

It was really an extraordinary experience…




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