Some bokehlicious summer farewell pictures… ;-P

4 07 2015

Summer is here, in all it’s glory, and this is, to be completely frank with you, the nice part of it… the colors… I know it will upset a lot of people, but I don’t really like the summers anymore… well, the summers are ok, and the long days are very ok, but what’s bothering me more and more is the heat… the awful and dreadful heat… impossible to protect yourself against it… and the sweat.. and the insects… I frankly don’t care for it anymore… I like the cold and the winters… 🙂

So enjoy, a few summer pictures… I pulled out my Canon 5D II and the EF 200mm f1.8L, and tried to make some pictures with that nice and creamy background blur (bokeh..)

So, looking forward to the autumn, this may be the last “summer-post” this year:



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