Death Valley, Las Vegas – 30.07.15

11 02 2016

This was a great trip for me, I had so many “pictures” in my head, I guess from magazines, movies, driving through the desert and all these things… and for this day I wanted to rent a REALLY BIG american SUV… The car rental told me that they had a nice Toyota SUV available, but I told them that I don’t wanna drive no japanese car in the USA, I have a Toyota back home,  I want a big V8 american SUV…! 😀

I don’t really think I would like to know what he was thinking about me… ;-P

It was really a nice experience to drive through the desert in this car, it was strong and comfortable and most importantly, it had a very potent AC..! It was staggering warm this day, we even passed 47 degrees Celcius! (117 degrees Fahrenheit). Even the rock smelled burned! Wow… too hot for me! 😀

On the route to the Death Valley, we had a stop in The Badlands – The Zabriskie Point. Fantastic formations and colours!

Through the Death Valley, we passed Badwater. This place is actually below the sea level! And we went out of the car to look around and read the signs etc, but it was scary warm!



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