Svalbard – 24.-28.03.13

28 03 2013

Searching for polar bears at the East Coast – 25.03.13

It is a 200km, 10 hour long ride on a snowmobile to cross Svalbard from Longyearbyen to the East Coast where polar bears can easiest be spotted. The route goes through valleys, over glaciers and finally out on the ice between icebergs where the polar bears are hunting for seals.

I was unfortunately not lucky this time… the closest I got to see polar bears was finding some tracks and holes where they had been sleeping… so instead of getting depressed, I figure it is better to use it as an excuse to return… It is amazingly beautiful out there… 🙂

So, therefore, only landscape photos from this trip… 🙂

However, taking photos in -28⁰ Celsius, with all the clothes, gloves, helmet and so on are very cumbersome and challenging, so coming home with some photos at all is a lot more difficult than one should think, and it makes great memories for me. In fact, we were a group of ten persons, and I was the only taking photos…



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9 04 2013

A reblogué ceci sur farabundovalle and commented:
looks desolated… frosty… and blue

I like it 😀

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