Svalbard – 24.-28.03.13

29 03 2013

“Ice-caving” – 27.03.13

Well, in my definition, it wasn’t really a cave, more like a crevasse (“a crack in the glacier”), but it was a very special experience anyway. Just getting there was a challenge, the weather was really windy and it created a total whiteout. We couldn’t see anything, and had to drive on GPS coordinates alone. Luckily we found the entrance to the igloo, and there we put on crampons and harnesses, and down we went. It was really narrow some places, the ice was squeezing both sides of my shoulders when passing.

The tour company states: “The tour is moderate demanding, and is not suitable for people who suffer badly from claustrophobia.”. Well, I have to agree… 🙂



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26 04 2013

Wow! Where can I book this? 🙂 Also how much do they want for the tour? (does it take all day?)

28 04 2013

Hi Susanne!

Thanx for your kind words. It is absolutely an amazing place, I am already planning how to come back.
Nice sites to look for information are: and

(regarding your questions, the price varies with the time of the year etc, and the duration of the trip also… the caving trip is about 3 hours, the trip to the East Coast about 10 hours, driving on a snow-mobile)

Best regards,
Rune, Norway

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