Svalbard – 24.-28.03.13

29 03 2013

Some mountain images – 24.-28.03.13  

Some taken in daylight, others in dawn. I left before sunset to capture an almost fullmoon to rise over the horizon with these beautiful colours in Svalbard… did my preparations and everything… checked Google Skymap for location (even though I had seen it yesterday)…  lots of clothes to avoid having a miserable time in -25⁰ Celsius… but of course the moon never became visible due to clouds and/or fog… oh well, I like the photos anyway… and a bit of fresh air has never hurt anybody… 🙂



2 responses

3 04 2013
Broken Light: A Photography Collective

Gorgeous photos! Must have been quite an experience.

26 04 2013

Great shots! We’re planning on going there by the end of October!

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