Forever Young… turning 50…

19 11 2017

The better half of my brother turning 50, and throwing a forever-young-party..!

What a great idea, and what an example to follow..!

As this of course is a (mainly..) blog about photograpy, some nerdy stuff is mandatory… All photos presented are taken with a Leica M9-P and a 35mm Summicron ASPH, and.. ok.. flame-suit on… there is something about that LCD sensor… only Leica M8 and Leica M9 have LCD sensors…
I have to admit, GAS has struck, and I’m longing for the new Leica M10 released in january 2017 (with a CMOS sensor…)
GAS, aka, Gear Acquisition Syndrome, (
“Bank balances have been battered and marriages destroyed, but by god there’s been some lovely gear bought.”
LCD sensors is known to produce some film-like, Kodachrome-like colours that no CMOS sensors have ever been able to replicate… CMOS sensors are, in a way, making more digital, plasticy pictures, less natural, and we all love that old film look, right..? ;-P

What y’all think..? Is the diffence visible..? so… what to do…? Stay true to old technology or move on with new “and better”..? 😀

Thanx for all Pernilla and Terje..! Have a lovely trip and Christmas, may we all meet again soon!



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