Having fun with IR photography…

26 11 2017

Well, I have always been intrigued by IR photography, taking photos of something that is not visible with the human eye, but I have always stumbled into trouble, first of all focus… I bought a cheap filter 950nm (nanometer wavelength) IR filter on eBay, which might not be the brightest idea, and tried it on a Leica 24mm Elmarit-M and a 90mm Summicron-M, and they all were soft… very soft… and very pink/violet… well, years passed by, and a week ago I bought an original Leica IR filter (possible 720-750nm, they never inform..) for my 50mm Summilux from 1972, set the white-balance manually with the IR filter mounted, and voila..! These photos looks a lot more like I imagined they would…! 😀

But this got me thinking… what really is correct colours of something that we can’t see anyway..?

Pink tint, violet tint, cyan tint..?

(Ahh… forgot to mention… I am using the Leica M8.2 which is oversensitive to IR radiation due to the lack of IR filter in front of its sensor…)

Anyway, I like the way these photos look surrealistic, please comment if you have any thought about the subject!



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